Unique online studio within cooperation of O2 universum and AV media Events

  • professional organization of an event in an online environment
  • professionals in the field – AV technology, directing, catering, venue, security
  • advanced technology and accessories – all for the maximum comfort of the participants as well as for the presentation of the company
  • unlimited possibilities of use – company meeting, training, podcast, conference, etc.
  • full-turnkey service – invitations, marketing, registration, professional platform, interaction between the participants, professional content, professional presentation
  • simplicity for the client

In the following video you can see how the online studio works, including all the benefits and facilities:


  • the disposition of the O2 universum is suitable for following all pandemic restrictions
  • private enclosed space
  • full organization of the event
  • full assistance (catering, technology, security)
  • possibility of a hybrid event – enough space for in-person participants, flexible space, keeping the distance, and following all other current pandemic measures
  • technical support during event preparation (presentation format, pre-shot videos, technical assistance etc.)

Basic technical equipment:

  • LED wall 16×4m (pitch 3,9mm, definition 4096 × 1024 pixels)
  • Graphical direction, PPT
  • 2× camera Panasonic P2, HD video direction
  • Studio sound system 8× microport (head, hand, klopa), mixing panel
  • Studio lighting (conventional and smart lights), including digital light panel 
  • Device for streaming (1 channel) and connecting remote participants
  • Device for recording the event
  • Full technical assistance for running the studio

 Production services:

  • Production of graphic content for LED wall and green background
  • Pre-shot video posts
  • Graphic production of jingles, dividers, countdowns for online broadcasting
  • Preparation and editing of scenarios
  • Ensuring professional host
  • Directing the whole event
  • Post-production and record processing
  • Makeup services

 Accessory AV equipment:

  • 24’’ camera including NTB
  • Interpreting technology
  • Other cameras with lenses, camera arm
  • Additional microphones
  • Additional lights