Unique CIRCUS CIRCUS Festival with the top of world acrobatics in the Czech Republic again! A captivating spectacle in October at the O2 universum

may 27, 2022

Chaplin’s son, director of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, Kaiser, also taught Circus child star Humberto Mang at the largest circus festival in Europe. A spectacular show full of adrenaline and captivating performances by artists from all over the world – this is CIRKUS, CIRKUS Festival 2022, which will take place on October 15-16 at the O2 universum in Prague. This is the 6th year of the legendary circus project “without animals” with the subtitle “Best of The World”. The jury will include personalities such as Charlie Chaplin’s son or the director of the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris.

At the O2 universum, performers from all over the world will perform symbolic 13 captivating and very demanding numbers.

“Spectators and the media can look forward to competitors from all over the world; in addition to the Czech Republic, they will be acrobats from Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, but also Ecuador or Brazil. The artists will compete for a place in gold, silver and bronze. It is an international, one of the largest and most prestigious festival circuses in the world!” said festival president, producer and director Artur Kaiser.

A jury composed of Czech and world personalities will also be very attractive. In addition to Oldřich Kaiser’s actors, Jan Přeučil, the child star of the legendary Circus Humberto series by Pavel Mang, Eugene Chaplin, son of actor Charlie Chaplin, a filmmaker, documentary filmmaker and recording technician who has collaborated with such stars as the Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Queen. He is also a successor to the famous family and runs a museum in Switzerland, where he lives, with a reference to the famous father.

“My great friend Thiéry Outrilla, the program director of the legendary Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge, will also come. These gentlemen are very much looking forward to the Circus Circus Festival 2022,” said Artur Kaiser.

Both jurors and spectators can look forward to the famous stage at O2 universum, whose author is the renowned and world-famous stage designer Marin Hruška.

There will be a unique stage in O2 universum on both days of the festival, which will be partially suspended on electric motors. There will also be special large-screen projections and effects. The whole arena will be elevated so that it is easy to see from every place. The program will be accompanied by moderator and showman Petr Šiška.

“Exclusive tickets near the arena will also go on sale from May. This is a project for the whole family and a show that the Czech Republic has never seen,” said festival director Artur Kaiser.
The competition festival of circus and artistic arts will be without animals. Among other things, the animals in the hall would not have the appropriate comfort to which they are accustomed. “What the O2 universum offers to spectators cannot offer for animals,” Kaiser added.

The level and numbers that the CIRCUS CIRCUS Festival 2022 program will offer are among the standards of world circus festivals.