Cirk La Putyka announces a new date for the performance ‘Cesty’, which will take place on September 24, 2021

12.August 2021

Originally, the project was to be presented in the O2 universum. After the two postponement of the date, both co-organizers, the Cirk La Putyka ensemble and Bestsport, the operator of the O2 universum, decided to transfer the performance and present it in the Azyl78 premises.

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General partner of the Cirk La Putyka ensemble: PPF bank.

Important notification


To enter the venue, you will need to prove yourself in person with one of the following documents:


  • National vaccination certificate of Covid-19
  • Laboratory confirmation with evidence of Covid illness in the past 180 days
  • Confirmation from the health service provider of a negative result of the PCR test – not older than 7 days before entry
  • Confirmation from the health service provider of a negative result of the antigen test – not older than 72 hours before entry

More information can be found HERE