The main star of the Rock in Symphony: The Epic Symphonic Show concert will be the British Uriah Heep

april 4, 2024

British rock band Uriah Heep will return to Prague after less than 3 months! This will happen already on June 24, when Bernie Shaw and Mick Box will appear as the main stars at the Rock in Symphony concert show in Prague’s O2 Universum. On one stage together with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, under the direction of conductor Martin Šanda, they will present their greatest hits to the Czech audience. All this in original arrangements that uniquely connect the band’s famous hits with the most famous classical music composers and their symphonies. In addition to Uriah Heep’s hits, the Rock in Symphony concert will also feature songs by bands such as Deep Purple, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Europe, Guns N’Roses or Scorpions and others. Just a symphonic rock show, as it should be, including light choreography and a full rock band.

Monday, June 24, will be a holiday for all rockers, lovers of rock music and the most famous rock hits, as well as classical music and symphony orchestras. The Rock in Symphony rock symphonic concert show is on the program, which will take place from 8 p.m. in the O2 universum. The most famous world rock hits of all time by bands such as Deep Purple, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Survivor, Iron Maiden or Uriah Heep will be heard in original arrangements and performed by the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague. A 60-member orchestra led by conductor and arranger Martin Šanda will perfectly connect the most famous Czech and foreign symphonies with the biggest rock hits!

“Rock in Symphony is a symphonic concert rock show in the truest sense of the word. This is not just another concert of rock hits in an orchestral arrangement, but completely original arrangements and 100% connection and connection of classical music and symphonies with rock hits. When writing arrangements, I put together songs that really connect with each other, that start from the same foundation, work with the same or similar harmony, melodiousness, have similar elements. This is the only way individual songs can work 100% and convey the right energy and emotions to the listeners. In the end, serious and rock music have more in common than we might think,” says Martin Šanda, chief conductor and director of the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, revealing that listeners will enjoy, for example, Bedřich Smetana’s Vltava in conjunction with Pink Floyd’s Learning To Fly or Beethoven’s Fatal in conjunction with Led Zeppelin Whole Lota Love. Everyone will be able to judge how successful the combination of rock and symphonies was already on June 24 at the O2 universum.


Uriah Heep in Prague again! He is looking forward to the Czech audience and the beer
The main star of the Rock in Symphony concert show will be the members of the British rock band Uriah Heep, Bernie Shaw and Mick Box, who will play several of their compositions in an original arrangement with the symphony orchestra. Viewers can look forward to, for example, Lady in Black, Sunrise or July Morning. In addition, the June concert will be another return to the Czech Republic for “Uriáš”, not even after 3 months. Finally, the band does not hide its connection and love for the Czech Republic, to which it always likes to return. “We can’t wait for our next return to the Czech Republic. We love Czech beer, which we think is the best in the world, and we are especially looking forward to the Czech audience. The Czechs are always great, from the very start of the concerts and the welcome to the way they enjoy the concerts together with us and how they give us energy back,” says Bernie Show, singer of Uriah Heep, who also had a personal connection to the Czech Republic for many years thanks to his wife coming from Slovakia.

Another guest of the Rock in Symphony concert will be the foreign rock band Soundtopia, made up of renowned rock musicians.

Let’s add that at the Rock in Symphony concert, the audience will enjoy a truly 100% symphonic rock show and an unrepeatable musical and audiovisual experience, which will be enhanced by the original light choreography. An event made for lovers of rock music, as well as classics, which, according to the chief conductor Martin Šanda, proves that there is only one music, everything comes from the same foundation, and even different genres can work well together and in combination, thus enhancing the musical experience even more several levels higher.

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Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague
Symphony orchestra founded in 2002 by chief conductor Martin Šanda. Over the years, the orchestra has achieved countless successes, completed several European tours with rock legends such as Deep Purple, Nazareth, Europe, Alice Cooper, Toto, Survivor, Foreigner, Journey, Bonnie Tyler, Uriah Heep and many others. He also collaborated with the Swedish band Sabaton, the British band Kosheen, 2Cellos, the famous Spanish opera singer José Carreras or the vocal group The Tenors, Il Volo and others. Let’s randomly name the violinist Vanessa Mae, the singer Sarah Brightman or the three-time winner of the Grammy award Michael Bublé. The orchestra has also performed a number of classical concerts throughout Europe, and has also toured Japan and China. Currently, in addition to a number of his own concerts, he is also preparing for the concert Hollywood in Prague: Night of Film Melodies, as well as the epic symphonic show Pop in Symphony, the audiovisual spectacle The Gaming Music Live Vol. 2, the epic symphonic show Rock in Symphony at O2 universum, or on the autumn annual tour with the band Elán.


Uriah Heep
A British rock band founded in 1969 in London, which performs concerts and sells out large halls and stadiums in Europe, the USA and Asia. The band’s current lineup includes frontman Bernie Shaw, guitarist Mick Box, bassist Dave Rimmer, drummer Russell Gilbrook, and keyboardist Phil Lanzon. The band conquered the rock scene in the first half of the 70s and was considered one of the main creators of the hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock scene and generation. To date, she has sold over 40 million albums across continents, with over 4 million sold in the US. In total, they released 25 studio albums, 20 LIVE albums, 41 compilations, including 2 big Best of albums. Among their most famous hits are Lady in Black, July Morning, Gypsy, Easy Livin’, The Wizard, Sweet Lorraine or Stealin’.