The show of the Cirk La Putyka moves to September at the new circus tent Azyl78 at Exhibition Park in Prague’s Holešovice

28.June 2021

‘Cesty’, The dream show by La Putyka Circus, is taking shape after two years of preparation and delays due to a coronaviral pandemic. The biggest and most challenging project in the history of the ensemble, which was scheduled to premiere in April this year in the O2 universum hall, is moving to September in the new circus tent Azyl78 in the lower park of the Exhibition Centre in Holešovice, Prague. The co-host of the show, which will run from 11 to 23 September 2021, is still Bestsport, the O2 universum operator, for which it is the first such ‘external’ project.

All tickets purchased for the show in the O2 universum will be exchanged to the new Azyl78 space. Holders of purchased tickets will receive further information by an e-mail.

If you want to be informed about the ticket sales in advance, please enter your email address in this form, to which we will send you a notification.

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General partner of the Cirk La Putyka ensemble: PPF bank.



Important notification


To enter the venue, you will need to prove yourself in person with one of the following documents:


  • National vaccination certificate of Covid-19
  • Laboratory confirmation with evidence of Covid illness in the past 180 days
  • Confirmation from the health service provider of a negative result of the PCR test – not older than 7 days before entry
  • Confirmation from the health service provider of a negative result of the antigen test – not older than 72 hours before entry

More information can be found HERE