Lenny is postponing a concert at the O2 Universe

november 22, 2021

Lenny is postponing a concert at the O2 univesum. As a gift for patience and waiting, it invites its fans to the more intimate ROXY in Prague, where it prepared a special concert for them on December 9, 2021, free of charge.

The unmistakable voice of the singer Lenny was to be heard in the O2 universum hall last December. However, the concert plans were complicated by the pandemic situation, so Lenny also had to postpone the coveted concert by a year. Unfortunately, the script from last year is now being repeated, and due to the unfavorable development of the pandemic in the Czech Republic, this year’s concert is also being postponed. But we will not lose the experience and meeting Lenny. The singer decided to invite her fans as a gift for patience and waiting on the day of the planned performance at the O2 universum – December 9, to a concert in the more intimate ROXY in Prague, which will take place thanks to the support of Visa and Instax. Lenny invites fans who have already purchased a ticket to the O2 universum for free. They can look forward to an exceptional experience, a packed atmosphere and a taste of what the singer will offer at the biggest concert of her career – at the O2 universum next year on November 24, 2022.