Prague Champs is approaching. The sporting event of the year for League of Legends fans will take place at Prague’s O2 Universe

may 6, 2022

The biggest event of the year is planned for League of Legends fans in mid-June in Prague. The weekend mega event connected with the first Czech tournament with international participation, which will be complemented by a game expo with a number of accompanying events, will take place on 18 and 19 June in the exclusive premises of the Prague O2 Universe. And you can also compete with the best LoL players. Just put the team together and succeed in the competition. The qualification is also open to amateur teams.

You can now experience the unique atmosphere of the world League of Legends event in the Czech Republic as well. Thousands of fans and the best players not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad will gather at the O2 Universa. The well-known French League of Legends team Gamers Origin will also take part in the fights. From Czech sports stars, participants can look forward to Dynamo Eclot, eSub, Entopiq and Sinners.

An open part of the Prague Champs tournament is an open qualification. Literally anyone can compare forces with the best. All you have to do is put together a League of Legends team with your friends and take part in the qualification, which will take place on 21 and 22 May. The four best teams will then advance to duels with professional sports teams. The four absolute best of them will then play the semifinals and finals at the Prague Champs event.

The trophy for the winners of the Prague Champs tournament consists of the leading Czech designer Roman Kvita, who in the past won, for example, the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, nicknamed the Design Oscar.

Since 2018, Mastercard has been the global partner of the publisher of League of Legends Riot Games and the Worlds League of Legends. Last year, Mastercard also expanded this partnership to sponsor the final fights at the European level.

“Esport is an extremely dynamic new industry and Mastercard has played an important role in it for a long time. We try to use all possibilities to bring new and attractive benefits to gamers and bring the Prague Champs tournament with international participation to the Czech Republic. The next step was to meet the wishes of sports fans,” said Mastercard CEO for the Czech Republic and Slovakia Michal Čarný.

Last year, Mastercard also issued a special limited-edition series of payment cards based on the heroes from the League of Legends game in cooperation with Komerční banka. This series of cards has been a huge success in the sports community, and therefore a new edition with completely new designs will be presented this year as well, on the occasion of the Prague Champs tournament.

In the new limit, those interested will find four designs, each with a different character from the game League of Legends. Specifically, they are champions Jayce, Kai`Sa, Ornn and Taliyah. The designs are available from May 2 at

“Esport is not ‘just playing games’, it’s about experiencing dreams, discussing, relaxing, rewarding the performance of others, live broadcasts and sold out halls. The entertainment that one in ten of us devotes from teenagers to adult women and can. That’s why we co-organize the largest Czech tournament for LoL fans, which is why we offer a new range of exclusive payment card designs with the heroes of this action-strategy game. Thanks to the card with this design, you will get a discount on both the tournament and selected ASUS ROG game products, and you can also look forward to other benefits that we will add to these cards. By the way, my favorite heroine is the daughter of emptiness Kai’Sa, “said Jitka Haubová, a member of the KB Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer.

Exclusive benefits are prepared for the clients of Komerční banka and Mastercard directly at the Prague Champs tournament. Holders of Komerční banka payment cards with the League of Legends motif will receive a 30 percent discount on a weekend ticket. Mastercard holders can use special experience packages or the possibility of delivering snacks directly to the seating area within the arena.

Visitors to the Prague Champs can look forward to many accompanying events as part of the game expo. The tournament itself will be complemented by autograph signings and other opportunities to meet the best teams and personalities of the Czech gaming scene. Leading technology brands and tournament partners will be introduced at the expo, where you will find game corners, a chill zone and various workshops.