The second year of the successful MAKRO CZECH GASTRO FEST is coming up. Become part of a meeting of the best of Czech and foreign gastronomy

december 20, 2023

In Makro, we live by gastronomy, join us! The second year of the spectacular MAKRO CZECH GASTRO FEST will once again take place in the exceptional premises of Prague’s O2 universe from April 12 to 13, 2024 and will carry the slogan “We live by gastronomy”. The festival of the best that Czech hospitality can offer will once again be organized by the wholesale trade of the Czech Republic, which will bring together some of the best personalities of the renowned gastro scene, led by Zdenek Pohlreich. They are happy to share their experiences. Visitors will once again be thrilled by four floors full of cooking and barman shows, an open macro market with many tastings and lots of inspiration. The opportunity to be part of a gastronomic experience is approaching. Be there with us.

MAKRO CZECH GASTRO FEST 2 will once again be an unforgettable event that wants to bring a new burst of energy to Czech gastronomy. Over two days, a diverse range of visitors – from restaurant owners, chefs, suppliers to representatives of professional associations and institutions supporting gastronomy – will get lots of practical information and tips, taste great food and drink and witness a variety of shows. The O2 universa space will offer a pleasant background for mutual sharing of experiences, information on the latest trends, tastings and networking. While the opening day of the festival will be reserved mainly for professionals in the field of gastronomy, on Saturday the general public will also have a good time. Tickets are available in the Ticketportal network.

“Gastronomy is an integral part of the culture of every country, and it is no different in the Czech Republic. In gastronomy, we can build on traditions, but also experiment. Thanks to gastronomy, each of us experiences pleasant moments, and we at Makro have the support of gastronomy as a mission. I believe that MAKRO CZECH GASTRO FEST 2 will once again be a unique platform that has the power to move the quality of Czech gastronomy. Prominent personalities of Czech gastronomy, rising stars of this field, institutions, associations and suppliers are working with us on the project,” adds Lenka Slezáková, project leader and marketing director of the macro Czech Republic.

Although the Bocuse d’Or competition will not be held at this year’s festival, there will be no shortage of adrenaline-pumping competitive moments. News will be served to you directly by the best, renowned personalities of the domestic gastro scene will share them, headed by Zdeněk Pohlreich, who has become the festival’s ambassador.

“MAKRO CZECH GASTRO FEST 2 is a great opportunity for the gastronomic scene, which brings new energy to our kitchen. Last year was very successful and I believe that the second year will be even more significant. I am proud to be an ambassador and I believe that the festival will continue to grow and bring even more inspiration and enthusiasm for gastronomy. If you are a passionate food lover, definitely do not miss this festival in mid-April,” says Czech chef, entrepreneur and gastronome Zdeněk Pohlreich, ambassador of the MAKRO CZECH GASTRO FEST festival.

This time, the main area will also be accessible to all visitors, where a unique “macro market” will take place. Here, as part of an open kitchen, cooking shows and tastings, it will be possible to experience the concept of “listen, watch, taste”. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to freely move around the entire area, and in addition to perceive and absorb news with almost all senses. Hearing, sight and taste are involved. They will also learn a lot of useful information about the digitization of gastronomy, international cuisine, hotel solutions, institutional catering and fast food concepts. Pop-up restaurants will also be open again. As part of the last festival, the national round of the world’s most prestigious cooking competition, Bocuse d’Or, was also held, which was won by Dominik Unčovský from the Makro Academy. The national round takes place once every two years, so Dominik and his team are currently preparing for the European round, which takes place in Trondheim, Norway.