Two ellipsoids stand out in front of O2 universum

september 25, 2019
Two ellipsoids from the Czech sculptor Čestmír Suška will beautify the area in front of the new multifunctional congress and cultural centre O2 universum, which will be opened on Thursday, September 26. The first official event at O2 universum will be a concert of Czech band Kabát, the proceeds from the event will go to a foundation called Give the kids a chance.

The ellipsoids of 860 cm height have already been installed in front of the O2 universum building. “This sculpture is made by combining a large number of steel bowls that resemble parabola or satellites. We communicate thanks to them in outer space. The individual satellites are connected by welding thick steel strips from inside the sculptural shape. The resulting elliptical shape evokes the process of the influence of the cosmic forces stretched to the shape of an ellipsoid and their placement at the tip points us towards the heavens,” says academic sculptor Čestmír Suška. 

“I am delighted that, despite the financial demands of the entire center, funds have been left for art. O2 universum is a place where people are to meet, communicate with each other and share experiences, which is why two-ellipsoid installations from Čestmír Suška are very suitable for our center, ”adds Robert Schaffer, the chairman of board and CEO of Bestsport company, O2 arena and O2 universum. 

The multifunctional centre is directly linked to the O2 arena from the south. It has four floors and total area of almost 50 000 square metres. O2 universum has 21 halls of different sizes at disposal in total capacity of 10 000 visitors. The largest hall with a capacity of up to 4.5 thousand people will be used as a space for organizing medium-sized concerts and sporting venues. On every floor of the complex there will be created 13 000 square metres for exhibitions and commercial use. O2 universum should serve as a modern centre especially for the organization of large international congresses and corporate events.