Placebo return to the Czech Republic to present their new album “Never Let Me Go”

november 9, 2021

The Prague O2 universum will welcome the British band Placebo on 31 October, which is returning to the Czech Republic after five long years. Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal will come to introduce their fans to the new, already eighth album “Never Let Me Go”, which will be released on March 25, 2022, ie nine years since the last studio album “Loud Like Love”. You can listen to the first tasting today thanks to the single “Surrounden By Spies”.

Brian Molko adds to the recording: “I started writing the text when I found out my neighbors were spying on me. Then I started thinking about the myriad ways our privacy had been compromised and stolen since the introduction of CCTV cameras, which now use racist facial recognition technologies; about the rise of the Internet and mobile phones, which have made virtually every user a paparazza and a viewer of their own lives, and about how we have all all offered personal information to huge multinational companies whose sole purpose is to exploit us.
I used a cut-up technique invented by William S. Burroughs and popularized in a modern song by David Bowie. It is a true story told through the lens of paranoia, utter disgust with the values ​​of modern society and the deification of tracking capitalism. At the end of his time, the narrator, hopeless and frightened, is completely at odds with our newfound progress.”

Placebo are one of the most important alternative rock bands of the last 25 years, having sold 13 million albums worldwide. Their debuts helped pave the way for a significant shift in British music, acting as a counterpart to Britpop and inspiring a whole generation of bands to follow. Placebo entered the British music history of five albums in the top ten of the British charts and collaborated with music legends such as David Bowie, Robert Smith and Michael Stipe. The band has played out sold-out tours and leading venues at festivals around the world.